Bail Bonds in Olympia, WA

If a friend or a loved one has been arrested in the Olympia, Washington area, he or she shouldn’t spend a minute more in jail than necessary. 2nd Chance Bail Bonds offers bail bonds in Olympia 24 hours a day, designed to help people charged with crimes regain their freedom — quickly. While we have an office conveniently located in Olympia, our professional bail bondsmen meet with clients right at the jail to execute bail bonds. This helps eliminate unnecessary delays. There’s no need to keep your friend or loved one waiting. 2nd Chance Bail Bonds is standing by, ready to help.

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How Do Bail Bonds Work?

When a court sets bail for someone accused of committing a crime (the defendant), it means that the defendant can “post” that amount of money by paying it to the court. The court holds that money until the trial and other related court proceedings have been completed, as an incentive for the defendant to show up for all scheduled court dates. The court sets the bail amount. Sometimes, it’s just not possible for defendants or their loved ones to come up with the money needed to make bail. That’s where bail bonds come in.

Bail bonds, issued through bail bondsmen, generally cost a fraction of the total bond amount. When you get a bail bond, you’ll be asked to put up some collateral for the bond, as insurance in case the defendant doesn’t attend his or her scheduled court dates.

If you contact an Olympia bail bondsman to help your friend or loved one, you’ll need to know where the defendant is being held — including the name, city and state of the jail. You’ll also need to provide the defendant’s full legal name. If you know the amount of bail set by the court, notify the bondsman to find out how much the bond will cost.

After a bond is issued, the defendant is usually released within a matter of hours. Defendants must attend all of their court hearings until their cases have been finalized, and they are responsible for making sure they are aware of all upcoming court dates.

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Jails We Service in and Around Olympia, Washington

2nd Chance Bail Bonds serves jails throughout western Washington — including the greater Seattle, Tacoma and Olympia areas.

The jails we serve in and around Olympia include the following:

  • Olympia City Jail (Olympia)
  • Thurston County Jail (Tumwater)
  • Nisqually Jail (Olympia)
  • Mason County Jail (Shelton)
  • Lewis County Jail (Chehalis)

Don’t see the jail you’re looking for? Check out the full list of jails we serve in western Washington.

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Don’t let friends or loved ones spend unnecessary time behind bars. 2nd Chance Bail Bonds can help you secure their freedom while their case is being decided. Our Olympia office is conveniently located (124 State Ave. NE, Olympia, WA 98501), but we can meet you at the jail location to help expedite your loved one’s release.

To learn more about bail bonds in Olympia and for 24/7 service, contact an Olympia bail bondsman today by calling our southwest Washington number at (360) 350-0089.